Sunday School

Sunday School

Elective Bible Study classes are available for adults, teens and children. This is an excellent opportunity for study and community.

CHILDREN’S CLASSES: Nursery & Preschool, K – 1st Grade, 2nd – 5th Grade

MIDDLE SCHOOL: 6th – 8th Grade


How The Bible Came To Be (Tony Yocco) An in-depth look at the history of the Bible from the ancient Hebrew manuscripts to its various modern-day translations. This class will address questions like: “Who wrote the Bible? Who decided there should only be 66 books? How do we know the texts we read and stake our faith on are the same texts that were written over 2000 years ago? Can we really be sure the book we read today is truly the inspired and infallible word of God?” This class will give you the tools to answer difficult questions that Christians commonly face from atheists and skeptics.

Prayer: The Heartbeat Of The Church (Jamie Cannalte, Adam Lopez) Whether in the teachings and example of Jesus Himself or in the life of the early church, prayer was intended to be he heartbeat of the church. We’ll explore the mandated priority and valuable benefits of prayer for individual believers, couples, families, and the corporate body of Christa nd seek God’s heart for revival and a Spirit filled church.